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Shenzhen Haliton Industrial Co., Ltd. and its related parties ("we") are aware of the importance of personal information to you, and we will protect your personal information and privacy in accordance with the laws and regulations. In general, you do not need to provide your name or other personal information to use our software products. However, there may be times when we need information from you, for example, to process an order, contact you, provide a booking service or process a job application. We may need this information to complete a transaction or provide better service, but we are committed to protecting user privacy by not providing this information to unauthorized third parties.

For our use or that of other interested parties to fulfill your request.
To keep in touch with you for the purpose of conducting customer satisfaction surveys, market research or certain matters.
For use by MiLi and appropriate agencies for marketing purposes (if you have given your permission).
For anonymous data analysis (e.g. click-through traffic data).
To help develop our business relationships (if you are representing a MiLi business partner or supplier).
 Your Right to Choose

We may receive and record information about the device you are using (including IMEI, MAC, Serial, SIM card IMSI identifier, device model, operating system and version, client version, device resolution, package name, device settings, process and software list, unique device identifier, hardware and software feature information) based on specific permissions granted by you during software installation and use to maintain the normal operation of the basic functions.

Contacts, precise geolocation, camera, microphone, photo album permissions, network status, media content and files are not turned on by default and are only used with your express authorization to enable specific features or services, which you may also withdraw. In particular, even if we obtain these sensitive permissions with your authorization, we will not collect your information when it is not needed for the relevant function or service.
When we collect information from you, we promise not to provide such information to unauthorized third parties or use such information for other marketing activities, and we will respect your wishes.

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Important information
If you are on mili’s personal information is incorrect and needs to be corrected, please reply to the sender or send an email to: customerservice@hali

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If you have any questions about this statement or mili, you can send your comments to: customerservice@hali

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