• When connected to a PC, the drive name is shown as DISK_LOCKED with the capacity of 120MB and I can’t transfer any files. Why?
  • If I forgot my password after setting up password protection for iData Pro, how do I retrieve it?
  • The file system of the iData Pro 16GB and 32GB is FAT32, however, the 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB is EXFAT. Why?
  • What is iData Internal Storage? How can I use Internal Storage?
  • Why can’t I view the modified content of a document that has been edited on the computer and saved?
  • Why can only MOV/MP4/M4V videos be imported to iPhone from the External Storage?
  • Why does the iPhone storage decrease after a thumbnail image is created?
  • Why can’t I click and preview the images, or select all the images until the thumbnails are shown?
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