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Cosmetics & Toiletries Mag: "MiLi Offers Fast, Easy, Connected Skin Care Technology"

From wearables to smart mirrors, connected beauty is on the rise. Now, Hali Power Co. has launched a line of MiLi Pure skin hydration detectors that perform a biometric impedance analysis via a simple metal sensor that can be pressed directly on the skin. The analysis uses electrodes to measure the speed at which a current passes through the body. Because water is an electricity conductor, the sensor can presume that the less hydrated the skin is, the more resistance it will measure.

Real-time Skin Analysis in Action

The MiLi sensor can determine a person’s skin moisture levels on the face and hand area within 5 seconds and feed the results (normal, oily or dry skin) to the consumer’s smartphone via a Bluetooth-enabled app. In this way, the technology allows consumers to track the effectiveness of their skin care in real time. 

The Pure line comprises:

  • MiLi Pure ($59.90), which features a blue Swarovski Crystal button against a sleek, small white ovular shaped device
  • the MiLi Pure Bottle ($39.90), available in clear/white, which incorporates the MiLi Pure Hydration Sensor to the lid of a 20 ml or 30 ml refillable skin cream travel bottle
  • the chargeable, silver MiLi Pure Spray ($79.00), which embeds the MiLi Pure Hydration Sensor to the base of a refillable facial misting device that uses ionic technology to penetrate the basal cell layer of the skin to shrink pores and moisturize skin.

The MiLi Pure and the MiLi Pure Bottle feature a two-year battery life. 

The company tells Global Cosmetic Industry that the range can be customized and that BPA-free options are available.

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